“Living together – Learning together“


What does ‘integration’ mean with regard to handicapped people?


• The right to live without being singled out or discriminated against by society.


• To overcome all physical and mental barriers with respect and dignity.


• To watch over their development as independent individuals. 


Juchitan, Oaxaca-Mexico


Juchitan is a town with ca. 150,000 inhabitants in the federal state of Oaxaca

In South-Western Mexico on the Pacific Ocean coast.


The ‘Juchitecos’ belong ethnically to the Zapoteken tribal group. They are open, hospitable and cheerful people.


Admittedly though, 40% of the population lives in poverty, that is to say, below the ‘existence-minimum.’


Very many children and teenagers additionally suffer a handicap. These are people who, resulting from their financial situation, have no opportunity to go to school or learn a trade.


With the purpose of supporting handicapped children and teenagers; in life, education and training, and to promote their integration, the association,


“Gemeinsam Leben – Gemeinsam Lernen e.V.” (Living together – Learning together)


was founded in Bielefeld and Juchitan.


The children and teenagers receive support in the form of educational material, medicine, wheelchairs, means of transportation and much more. The administrative work of the association is carried out without remuneration by the association’s committee members voluntarily. Administration costs; telephone, post and office material are covered privately.


The upbringing of handicapped people is a community responsibility for parents, teachers and society.


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Association membership is covered currently by a monthly

subscription of €4.00.



Vivir Juntos - 

Aprender Juntos A.C.


Av. Morelos Nr. 1 Interior

Primera Sección

CP: 70000

Juchitán de Zaragoza,

Oaxaca Mexicó




Ing. Vidal Candelaria Chiñas

Presidente en Juchitán de Zaragoza

Vorsitzender in Juchitán de Zaragoza

Gemeinsam Leben - Gemeinsam Lernen e.V.

Gleiwitzer Str. 25a
33605 Bielefeld



Tel.: +49521-206617

E-Mail: glgl.mh@t-online.de

1. Vorsitzende, Geschäftsführerin und Gründerin des Vereins Martina Holthaus

Lic. Martina Holthaus

Vorsitzende in Deutschland

Presidenta en Alemania

Gründerin / Fundadora